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Shower… me with your loooveeee…


Haha… cheesy title but whatever. So since the last post, Jeff & I are now officially the proud new owners of a beautiful new home in Mississauga! Can I get a w00t-w00t!?!  :)

I’ve been living here since 2002 but now Jeff is officially a Mississaugan!! Don’t worry, babe. You can take the man out of Scarborough, but you can never take the Scarborough out of the man. Now, let’s exchange those t-shirts and baggy jeans for a sweater vest and khakis, yes? Hahaha – I jest, I jest. But c’mon… you know Mississauga was responsible for my trading in of circa-1993 platforms for a more modest and sophisticated kitten heel, right? I’m just saying.

Oh yeah, so back to my original topic – My mystery-themed shower is coming up very shortly! I say “mystery” because I literally have no idea what the theme will be. I was given very strict instructions by Team MoH-FoH©* to not peek or ask around about the theme. This was very hard since I hand-delivered some of the invites and had to resist the urge to hover around the invitee’s shoulder while they opened up the mysterious black envelope. Anyone who knows me knows that this is pure torture. I like to know everything there is to know about everything à la Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls – I like my hair big and full of secrets! Haha… Y’all are giant meanies for keeping me in the dark, but I know it’ll all be worth it come Shower Day :)))

The shower will be held on Sunday, August 23rd in our beautiful new home – score! We won’t have to worry about transporting our gifts and many of our friends and family will have the chance to see our house for the first time. Jeff has worked very hard to make the backyard and deck presentable for our guests and I can’t wait to see the house filled with the smiling faces of our nearest and dearest. I’m literally peeing my pants in anticipation of all the fun that I’m sure will be had by all. Let’s hope that the amazing weather we’ve been having these last few days sticks around for another week!

I’ve already got my shower dress ready and can’t wait to finally wear it. I bought it around March and have pulled it out every now and then just to admire it in all its BCBG glory. I swear to you all: BCBG dresses were tailored by the finest angels in heaven. They are THE BOMB DOT COM. But I digest… For all our friends and family checking this out, our registry info is below:

Home Outfitters
Registry # 08184194
Pickup Store: Yorkdale Shopping Centre (416) 640-0601

Crate & Barrel
Visit or phone Yorkdale Shopping Centre (888) 657-4108

Upcoming shiznit: Later on this month I have another makeup trial and my first hair trial! I’ll be sure to post on how it turns out! Until the next post.. toodles! xoxo.

*I never liked the term bridesmaid. I figured that “Friends of Honour” was much more fitting. Hence, my Maid of Honour and Friends of Honour make up Team MoH-FoH. Yes, some days I surprise even myself with all this clevery 😉


Aug 15/09 9:28 am

you are such a dork–but i <3 it! hahaha…and this time around, seems like we’re the ones with the big hair 😉 (although mine is thin and stringy and nonexistent…lol)

Aug 17/09 9:51 am

we are 68 days away, c-box! brace yourselves, i have tasks coming up for TMF©… i may have bitten off more than i can chew as far as DIY projects go… eep. anygay, can’t wait til sunday! sending you an email now to go over zee gameplan.

Aug 18/09 12:20 pm

can’t think of a better way to christen the house than with your bridal shower! it’ll just be a preview of all the parties we’ll be having there in the future (hintHint). 😀

btw: w00t w00t! and I will throw in a ‘haaaaayyyy’

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